We recognise that a company’s purpose in the 21st century is more than just profit – it is just as important to measure our performance in terms of how we take care of the planet and the people.

Just like many companies in the fresh produce industry, we have always been very aware of our potential to do harm, or do good, when it comes to our impact on the planet.  We know we cannot maintain a healthy, growing business if we don’t take care of the land under our feet and consider our impact on the wider environment.  And we know it is essential to take care of the hard-working people who pick and pack the fruit too.

Unlike some companies, we don’t believe in making big headline-grabbing statements about sustainability.  We have quietly invested a lot of time to learn and understand more about this incredibly complex subject, and we work every day with our growers on ways to reduce inputs and create a sustainable long-term future for all stakeholders. 

Right now, the packaging we use is all recyclable, but we are investigating how we can reduce the use of single-use plastics and potentially replace recyclable materials with compostable materials.

Recently, on our own farm we made a bold decision to adopt a completely new approach on fertilisation, herbicides and pesticides that we believe will dramatically reduce our impact on the soil and the water that we (and all the creatures we share it with) depend on for our future.  We have always used our own farm as a place to test new ideas, then we invite our dedicated growers to visit and discuss how they might adopt some of these innovative techniques.

When it comes to the people in our business and on all the farms we work with, we are committed to equality, fair treatment and safe conditions for everyone.  Global Fruit has been a member of SEDEX for many years, and we meet or go beyond every aspect of employment law here in Canada – a country already known for its high social and employment standards.

Please contact one of the team if you would like to know more about our views and approach to sustainability.