Our Amazing Growers

Global Fruit is privileged to work in partnership with some of the best cherry growers here in British Columbia, and we are constantly in awe of their hard work and dedication. These are not ‘factory farms’ with thousands of acres, but family-owned operations where the owners are still very much hands-on in every aspect of their business.

Living in the middle of their orchards, many of them have been growing cherries and other tree fruit in this region for 30 or more years and they show no sign of slowing down. In many cases we are now seeing the next generation stepping up and taking over from their parents.

Of course, we don’t accept fruit from just any farm; we only work with growers who share our intense passion for quality, innovation and food safety. We currently work with around 25 select growers, with orchards covering the widest geographical area possible in BC.  This not only allows us to have a long season, it also provides risk mitigation – if one area is unlucky and has some bad weather in the season, we can still maintain consistent supply to our customers by sourcing cherries from other areas.

Global Fruit itself may have started life as a cherry marketing company, but over the past few years we too have taken the decision to invest in our own orchards in Creston.  There we learn more about our favorite fruit every day, with our boots firmly on the ground.

There’s passion behind every cherry. Our growers live where they work and take a hands-on approach from seedling to harvest; the quality of the cherries they produce is a matter of pride.