Cherry Paradise

The perfect Canadian Cherry

There is something magical about British Columbia.  With snow-capped mountains, deep blue lakes, stunning rivers and waterfalls, and so much amazing wildlife we are privileged to call this place our home.

It is also the perfect place to grow the best cherries in the world.  With fresh clean air, an abundance of crystal-clear water, warm dry summer days and cool nights – everything comes together to provide an ideal natural environment for the large, firm, sweet, juicy cherries that we are famous for. 

Wine makers talk about ‘terroir’ which is a combination of climate, soil, fauna, and terrain – all coming together to provide the ideal environment for great wines.  When it comes to growing the perfect cherries, we think this area in BC provides all that and more and that’s why we call it Cherry Paradise.

There’s passion behind every cherry. Our growers live where they work and take a hands-on approach from seedling to harvest; the quality of the cherries they produce is a matter of pride.