Global Fruit

The perfect Canadian Cherry

Cherries have been grown, and enjoyed, in Canada’s British Columbia interior for more than a century. The quality, size, and taste of B.C. cherries have always been a point of pride.

A lot has changed in a hundred years, but thanks to an abundance of clean water, a pristine environment, and an ideal climate, the quality of our fruit has never been higher. Today, Global Fruit, located in the beautiful Creston Valley of British Columbia, brings the fresh, sweet taste of the region’s cherries to the world.

Since 2002 Global Fruit has exported cherries grown in the Okanagan and Creston Valleys of British Columbia to Asia, UK, Europe and the United States. A range of varieties produced in relatively small orchards ensures exceptional quality with harvests from May through September. Bringing the very best from the orchard to the marketplace is our goal.



Ensuring Quality Makes it to the Table



The climate in British Columbia’s interior is key. With cool but mild winters and medium to hot summers and the right mix of moisture, soil and drainage, B.C. cherries are considered the best in the world—and the sweetest. Ideal conditions result in cherries known worldwide for their exceptional size and high sugar content.


Tree to table perfection is our goal. State-of-the-art packing—with water handling in most cases—prevents damage to the flesh of the cherries. Either by hand-sorting or by using advanced scanning technology, Global Fruit works to ensure that damaged or sub-standard fruit is never shipped.




Climate control from the orchard to your warehouse is critical to receiving the freshest possible product. Global Fruit uses only reputable shippers and temperature monitoring recorders to ensure top condition on delivery. A delicious cherry means a happy customer.


A sweet story

DSC_5878Canadian Cherries enjoy a reputation as the finest in the world. Cherries grown in the interior of British Columbia boast some of the highest brix (sugar) content on the planet. These exceptional cherries come from ideal circumstances: a long growing season of warm days and cool nights, and an abundance of crystal clear water that flows from mountain streams into our valleys.

Most of our export varieties of cherries were cultivated and developed right here in British Columbia at the Summerland Research Station in Summerland, B.C. The Skeena, Sweetheart, Satin, Staccato, Sovereign and the Sentennial varieties were all propagated to be a perfect match for our climate.

There’s passion behind every cherry. Grown in small orchards from 4 to 250 acres, these are not factory farm cherries. Our growers live where they work and take a hands-on approach from seedling to harvest; the quality of the cherries they produce is a matter of pride.

B.C. cherries contain high levels of melatonin and anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and stress-reduction properties. Our cherries are an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre; they’re low in fat, including saturated fat, and of course they’re sodium and cholesterol-free.

How sweet is that?