Our Cherries


Available June 25-July 15

var_ranThis blush cherry is renowned for high brix (sugar) content and has been called “The Dessert Cherry”. This fragile cherry is packed carefully on special lines to preserve its delicate flesh.


Available July 7-21 and July 25- Aug 12

var_lapOur largest cherry, known for exceptional sweetness and a dark mahogany color. This variety put British Columbia on the world map as a premium supplier of Cherries.


Available July 7-12 and July 28-Aug 5

sq_skThis robust cherry is known for its firmness, rich deep color and exceptional flavour. It is recognizable by its compact green stem.


Available July 16-24 and Aug 14-22

sq_shNamed for its heart shape and known for excellent firmness and balanced flavour, it’s not surprising that this hardy variety has been called Canada’s most famous cherry.


Available July 25-29 and Aug 20-30

cherry_stacThis long-stemmed cherry is firmer in texture to the Sweetheart, to which it owes its origins. Another BC success story from the Summerland Research Station, Cherry breeding program.


Available July 27-Aug 1 and Aug 25 to possibly Sept 1

sq_senOne of the newest varieties to be developed in B.C., this long-stemmed cherry is very firm and smooth-tasting, similar to the Staccato and Sweetheart varieties. This is our latest cherry.



All of our Cherries are graded, sized and hydro-cooled immediately prior to packaging. The cold chain is critical for shipping cherries; we do everything in our power to ensure that the correct temperature remains consistent until the cherries arrive at market by using refrigerated transport professionals. We work to find the best freight forwarders in the business. All shipments are equipped with temperature recorders to ensure that this process is followed and documented.

All of our exports are subjected (when required) to a Phytosanitary inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as per the country of destination. All of our packaging meets Country Of Origin Labelling (COOL) standards.

We aim to deliver excellence every time, whether by land, air, or sea.

Our Apples


Available starting in September

Originating in New Zealand in the 1930’s but not commercialized until the 1980’s this apple has become one of the world’s most popular varieties. Mildly sweet and vanilla-like with a floral aroma, it is an apple that has a thinner skin than most.


Available starting in September

Cultivated by the Mennell family in British Columbia and registered in 1993, they are now available for purchase worldwide. Ambrosia are low-acid, with tender, juicy flesh that is slow to brown. In addition to a crisp texture, they have a distinct aroma and honey flavour. In March 2015, Ambrosia was voted America’s favourite apple, out of 32 finalists, in the US Apple’s annual Apple Madness contest.


Available starting in September

Juicy with a unique & distinctly crisp texture, the superior colour and quality of this variety is enhanced by Canada’s cooler climate. Developed at the University of Minnesota in the 60’s it became a commercial favourite at the turn of the century. Honeycrisp keep well in cold storage.


Global Fruit’s All-Star apple varieties are packed in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Global Fruit offers fruit with consistent quality and maintains that quality in cold storage until the apples are shipped to the stores.

After bringing the first Unitec optical cherry line into North America in 2009, we are excited to have the first Unitec apple line with defect sorting. This will revolutionize apple packing and raise the overall quality level of the pack.

Upon arrival to our facility, apples are treated with SmartFreshSM (MCP) to prolong storage and shelf life. Acting as an ethylene inhibitor, SmartfreshSM helps maintain the texture and firmness of the apple until the fruit is packed, shipped and received by the customer