Canadian Cherries Update July 8, 2011

Domestic Shipping To Begin

Domestic Shipping with our domestic varieties will begin July 10th. These Bing’s and Van’s are looking very nice and have excellent sugars already. The cool nights from our unusual spring have given higher than normal sugars. Sizing will be 10.5 through 9 row with the bulk of the crop in the 10-9.5row range. Packs include both 8x1kg and 12 x1.5lb catch weight bags. The traditional 9kg loose fill is also available.

Export Lapins Harvest Date Set

The Lapins are coming! These large dark mahogany Cherries are expected to harvest on July 18th. We are seeing very nice sizing and excellent sugars even now. We are expecting very sweet Lapins and with the delayed spring fruit quality will be up. The key will be patience, waiting for the Cherries to ripen to perfection and not harvest too early. We will be exporting in 9kg, 5kg and 2kg as well as the traditional 8x1kg catch weight bags.

Orchard Covers Going Up in the Creston Valley

Growers in the Creston have installed their Voen System Rain Covers. The German made Louvered Covers offer rain and hail protection guaranteeing the cherries will remain undamaged from weather events . We have also notice a harvest delay as well as a sizing increase since the covers were installed in 2005-2006. We are currently exploring options to cover more of our late season Canadian Cherries to ensure a reliable late season supply.

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