About Us

Established in 2002, Global Fruit markets export quality Canadian cherries, grown in the Okanagan and Creston Valleys of British Columbia, to Asia, the UK, Europe and the United States. We work directly with small orchards for superior quality and freshness.

At Global Fruit we balance the needs of the grower with the market requirements of the importer, because we know that a cooperative approach ensures good results. We are committed to supporting safe, ethical practices so that quality fruit will be enjoyed for generations. Our goal is to present our markets with the finest cherries anywhere in the world, every time.


The Creston Region

climate_crestonThe town of Creston, population 5,000, attracts people who love the outdoors, who value clean air and water, and who embrace a quality of life that allows time to appreciate a Selkirk Mountain vista or a cool Kootenay River plunge. It’s close enough to larger centres and to the U.S. border to have city amenities close at hand, but just far enough off the beaten track to be its own special paradise.

With an average winter temperature of -2°C (25°F) and summer temperatures of a reasonable 20°C (67°F), it’s no wonder that the Creston Valley is a great place for people. It’s a great place for fruit, too, which is why the rolling, agricultural Creston Valley grows some of the sweetest, largest cherries anywhere.


The Thompson Okanagan Region

climate_okanaganThe Thompson Okanagan is famous for its orchards, vineyards, skiing, golf, deserts, mountains, valleys and everything in between. Indigenous peoples hunted and fished in this hospitable climate; European settlers established cattle ranches, farms, and mining operations. Today, the area is a rich mix of their descendants as well as newcomers from all parts of the globe who come to enjoy the region’s culture and recreational opportunities, and to call the Thompson Okanagan home.

Across the breadth of its varied landscape, visitors will see mountains, rolling farmland, a waterfall twice as high as Niagara Falls and Canada’s only true desert Celebrated as Wine Country, the Okanagan offers prime growing conditions for fruit of all kinds. Summers are warm and dry: the Okanagan, Similkameen and Thompson River valleys experience BC’s hottest summers, with temperatures often in the 30s (°Celsius). A great climate is a great thing—for people, and yes, for cherries.



Global Fruit – Company Affiliations

Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalG.A.P.): Recognized in more than 80 countries, GlobalG.A.P. is the word-wide standard that assures safe, sustainable practices. Our farmers are proud to be 100% approved and certified.

Hazard Assessment and Critical Control Points (HACCP): Consumer security and product quality are assured through this food safety management system. Staff at our farms and packing facilities are trained to ensure that our fruit is 100% safe.

In addition, Global Fruit is proud to be a member of the Blue Book Produce GuideSEDEXCanadian Produce Marketing Association and the Okanagan-Kootenay Cherry Growers Association.